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Liner notes:

Like a crimson tomato from a summer garden, organic music may not be perfectly shaped or have a waxy shine, but it drips with sun ripened flavor and spirit. Mi Encanto presents further explorations of juicy, fresh and enchanting music of Colombia (and other Latin American countries) following my first album titled "Rumichaca" from 2007. This music is seldom heard outside of Colombian music circles and music scores can be difficult to find. Some pieces in this album I learned from scores dug up at the Biblioteca Nacional in Bogotá and some I learned from recordings.

A deepened relationship with the bambucos, pasillos, danzas and joropos that fill this album has allowed me to move beyond imitation to experiment with original interpretations and arrangements. The opportunity to play along with Colombian musicians has greatly shaped my approach as well.

Adolfo Mejia's (1905-1973) compositions blend traditional Colombian music with a strong European influence and provides an intriguing  contrast to folk melodies. Born on the coast near Cartegena, he gained praise for his composition, performed in the United States and studied with Nadia Boulanger  in Paris.


1. El Sotareño (Bambuco, Francisco E. Diago - 3:54)

2. El Voluntario (Joropo, Alejandro Wills - 2:46)
3. Bambuco (Adolfo Mejia - 4:10)
4. Bambuco (Luis A. Calvo - 3:30)
5. Pasillo in E Flat Major (Adolfo Mejia - 2:25)
6. Encanto (Waltz, Luis A. Calvo - 4:12)
7. Pa' que me Miró (Bambuco, Francisco Cristancho - 3:43)
8. El Trancao (Venezuela, Merengue, Luisa E. Paesano - 3:05)
9. Arrojado (Brazil, Samba, Ernesto Nazareth - 3:08)
10. La Comparsa (Cuba, Ernesto Lecuona - 1:58)
11. Intermezzo No. 4 (Luis A. Calvo - 5:39)
12. Manopili (Zamba, Adolfo Mejia - 4:40)
13. La Gata Golosa (Pasillo, Fulgencio Garcia - 2:09
14. Pincho (Danza, Adolfo Mejia - 2:21)
15. Patasdilo (Pasillo, Carlos Vieco Ortíz - 2:15)
16. El Sotareño (with percussion - 3:54)

                  Total Time 53:51